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Saving Our Suggies
Welcome to my Sugar Glider site.
You are likely here because someone referred you to me (thegliderlady) or from an encounter with me, and my little stowaways. The tiny little faces you saw peeking out of my shirt, my pocket or a pouch were called Sugar Gliders.  I'll bet you absolutely fell head over heals with one of these little faces... Like I did. These are the gliders we call family!


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Sydney, Cinnabon (Big Daddy), Ella, Savannah (Mom) and Diva

Savannah and Cinnabon
Posing for a picture

Savannah, seen above peeking over her hubby, Cinnabon, is my baby girl and my first Suggie. I first fell in love with these tiny little marsupials working at an animal park in the animal nursery. It didn't take me long to get my Savannah when I found out they were legal pets in most of the United States. I will be adding a link to find out if they are legal pets in the state you live in, or drop me an e-mail.
It only takes a moment to be held captive by those BIG dark eyes, and that sweet pink nose, and when they smile with their buck teeth it melts your heart. They have a way of wrapping themselves around your little finger with or without their long tails. For more on this please see Glider anatomy (coming soon).  Thank you for coming to our website to learn more about these wonderfully amazing creatures. Be sure to check back for changes, and for news on the new joey due soon.
If you want to learn more about how you can help save our suggies, or donate to a Glider rescue please e-mail me.

Left corner Lilly and Tiger (joeys)
Ash and Ella parents...Ella is Savannahs & Cinnabon's 3rd Joey

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Sydney Our 2nd Joey Divas cagemate
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Tiger and Lilly
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Diva is Savannah and Cinnabons first joey
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Savannah's first joey,Diva (seen above) was born on April 14th, 2005. Savannah called me to come get her, and when I did she made a strange noise that she had never made before. She rolled up in my hand and held on to my fingers and made a path for the joey to follow. The joey was as pink as can be and was about the size of a small jelly bean.

Gliders have large dark brown eyes.

Before you make the decision to own a Sugar Glider, please take some time to read, research and learn all you can about how these little ones can change your life. Gliders require much more care and upkeep than your more common pets. Most gliders in rescues ended up there because their owner had no idea how much time and effort is needed to care for these little ones. Gliders can become very ill, and even die from stress alone, and they require very specific diets consisting of fresh food daily. To learn more about Sugar Gliders Diet click the link below.  

Sugar Glider Diet

Want to help Sugar Gliders and get some cool Glider stuff? Please visit my cafePress store where 100% of all profit goes back to the Gliders..

Ella Ash Lilly and Tiger
giving Me a bath.

Average: weight: 3-6 ounces
Classification: Marsupial
Lifespan: 3 years in the wild, up to 15 years in captivity
Food: There are several recomended diets, but all require fresh food daily.
Time and effort: Gliders are social creatures and require a lot of time with their owner, even with a companion glider. Plan to spend a minimum 8 hours a day with your Glider. Pockets, bras, and pouches are a great way to keep your little one with you.
Housing: Gliders jump and Glide as their name suggests. They need a LARGE, secure Glider cage with bar spacing no more than 1/2 inch wide, with plenty of room to glide and jump. Gliders have sharp teeth and can chew through many materials. They need lots of  "glider safe," non-toxic things to climb on, and pouches to hide and sleep in. The most glider-friendly material, is Fleece. Their tiny hands have sharp nails which get caught in many materials, and the "give" the fleece has enables them to get "uncaught" easially. Whichever material you use please check for loose strings which can be very dangerous to your glider.   Many of  the things that may seem safe can kill your glider, including certain types of wood. I use eucalyptis straight from Australia which I first freeze, then clean throughally (Im really afraid of spiders).